Receiver.onTap( callback )

Use this method to pass a function to a receiver which should be called when the controlling user taps his screen. A tap is like a click on a website, a short gesture in which a finger is placed on the smartphone's screen and immediately lifted again without moving it. 

Callback arguments

  • string side
    Indicates the part of the smartphone's screen where the gesture took place.
    Values can be "left", "right", "up" or "down"


Code examples

In the following example, a developer is using PlugPIN to control a lamp with a BeagleBone hardware board. She has written a function 'toggleLampPower' which takes care of this.

         'name'             : 'Toggle lamp' 
    .onTap( function ()


In the following example, a developer is creating a Spotify app that users can control with their smartphone. He wants a tap on the left and right side of the smartphone's screen to skip to the previous or next song.

         'name'             : 'Spotify' 
    .onTap( function ( side )
        switch ( side )
            case 'left':
            case 'right':


Live example

Connect to the app in the iFrame below to check out the tap event right now.

Open in new tab.


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