Receiver.onDetach( callback )

Use this method to pass a callback to a receiver that should be called when a controller detaches from the receiver. This happens when a user that is currently controlling your app, hits the close button on the screen of her smart phone.


Callback arguments



Code example

In the following example a developer want to know how many people use PlugPIN to connect to her presentation app and what their names are. She has prepared the function "logToDatabase" to log text to a database table. She uses that function to log information everytime someone attaches or detaches from her app.

var userName = null;

var trackUser = PLUGPIN.createReceiver( { "name" : "Presentation App" } );

    .onAttach( function( name )
        logToDatabase( 'User ' + name + ' attached!' );
        userName = name;
    .onDetach( function()
        logToDatabase( 'User ' + userName + ' detached!' );


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