Receiver.onCircle( callback )

Use this method to pass a function to a receiver that should be called when the user makes a circular gesture on his screen.

Callback arguments

  • number angle
    angular displacement in radians


In the following example a developer wants to move a cartoon of Michael Jackson from left to right across the screen, when a user make a circular gesture. He has prepared a HTML element with the image inside and he has given that element the ID "move-me".

var moveMe = document.getElementById( 'move-me' ),
      left = 0;
        'name'             : 'Circle demo' 
        ,'notification'     : 'small'
    .onCircle( function ( angle )
        left += angle * 100; = left + 'px';


Live example

Connect to the app in the iFrame below to check out the circle event.

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